Monday, July 20, 2009

BIG summer CLEAN!'s been a WHILE since my last post, but I've been busy "shedding weight," unfortunately between cleaning my house and a trip to the beach, my digi cam has gone missing in action! So I can't share all my wonderful progress with you...visually, but you can take my word for it. While I've been gone, I've managed to:

Clean my son's room from top to bottom...literally which yeilded three 15 gallon bags of toys and one 15 gallon bag of clothes

Clean the bathroom closet and under the sink filling half of a 15 gallon bag with trash and a walmart bag with items for my church yardsale

The downstairs closet which included finally putting all my holiday decorations in the shed and going through ALL four boxes of sorority crafts I have from Phi Sigma Sigma (somebody better buy this stuff, too!)

And shed, where I went through the other two bags of crafts, and stored the other half of yard sale donations...(the remaining half are piled...NEATLY in my dining room)

I also went through all 500 pictures I had boxes and threw away...(tear) doubles....messed up prints and old pictures of people I barely knew in the first place (the really nice girl I meant at Panera once)....

All together from the kitchen, pictures, living room dining room, 4 closets, the shed and the bathroom I've shed.............da da da da.........................

about 120 gallons of trash

45 gallons of clothing

30 gallons of crafts

45 gallons of clothing

and a couple misc. bags and boxes of stuff......


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Additions

In my quest to spend less, I just got CVS and Rite Aid reward cards. I didn't know all that they had to offer or save until I visited Frugal and Fabulous and saw all the great deals she gets with them! Hope they come in use.
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JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: AWESOME GIVE A WAY

JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: AWESOME GIVE A WAY


You know how you enter give a ways just for fun, but you don't really need the product being given a way? Well, no, I'm not one of those people, especially with my recent "weight loss" program I just started (post coming after the holidays). But anyway, over at Guessing All the Way, my girl Laurie is giving away an amazingly relevant prize: Fandago Movie Bucks ($40).

This give a way comes just in time for all the summer hits coming out (Ice Age 3, Halloween 2, G.I. Joe). So head over to Guessing All the Way and enter for lots of chances to win. You can follow her on twitter, subscribe to her blog or simply share fun stuff you do on the fourth of july. Good Luck!