Friday, November 20, 2009

Farewell Oprah

This Just In! Oprah will announce today that her last episode will air on September 9, 2011. This will be a monumental point in history people! Oprah has been around my whole life...literally (I'll be 25 next month) and it's going to be so hard to find someone who can match her wisdom, credibility and amazing ability to touch and reach millions everyday.

I've grown up watching Oprah and have loved her ever since, "You told Harpo to hit me?! All my life I had to I loves Harpo, Lord knows I do, but I kill 'em dead before I let him hit me!" -The Color Purple

I've performed this monologue many a times! Now, let's take a look at Oprah's impact over the years.

-Oprah's Book Club: Guarantees #1 on any book list if you're on her list

-HARPO productions: Be a contributor to Oprah's show and get your own (Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz)

  • It has been the highest-rated talk show for 23 consecutive seasons, her Web site says
  • An estimated 42 million U.S. viewers watch it weekly; show had its origins in 1984 in Chicago
  • Winfrey's wealth was estimated at around $1 billion by Forbes in 2004
For me the impending end of the show means 3 things:

1) I need to get my butt out to a live recording of her show
2)Send in my compelling life story for a future episode
3)Write my book about my compelling life story to get on Oprah's Book List (Thereby killing two birds with one stone!)

Gotta go, I've got work to do!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vote for JoJo!

Vote for Josiah in the Baby and Child Model Search!

Purple Tail Giveaway

This give-a-way comes from my girl over at Simplified Saving.

Purple Trail {A Review and Giveaway}

I love hosting parties and helping to coordinate events, but I have to be honest about my hostessing abilities. I'm not very organized and I usually end up having a nervous breakdown the day of the party...especially when it's at my home. I've even been known to stuff everything sitting out around the house (mail, shoes, etc) in my dryer to make my house look neater. I have a hard time remembering who is coming, how many friends they're bringing, if they offered to bring a food or drink (and half the time, I'm not sure what kind of food to provide as a main dish). Party planning can be overwhelming, but I have found a great tool...Purple Trail. Purple Trail is like having your own event planner!

Click here to find out how you can enter!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankgiving Traditions in the Shell Family!

TwitterMoms asked: "What three favorite family Thanksgiving traditions have you passed or will pass on to your children?"

Well, it used to be tradition that our whole family would get together, cook, watch movies, sing and have all the little kids put on a show for all the older cousins, aunts and uncles. Many of the kids (18 and under) in our family have no idea how strong these traditions used to be as we have all moved, began our own families and stopped really getting together.

It makes me really sad that we don't get together as often, especially during the holiday when we can express gratefulness for the values, stability and dedication to family that my great-grandparents instilled in us.

The most important (favorite to me) Shell Family Thanksgiving Traditions I want to pass onto my children are:

Getting together every Thanksgiving and playing Monopoly (my family members will appreciate this the most! lol)

Thankgiving night talent shows (much to the horror of the participants who get little advance notice) We have a family of performers (singers, dancers, musicians and actors!)

Going around and having each person say what they are thankful for.

Also to remind whoever's doing the cooking to get Nana's (Aunt Pat) and Grandmom's recipe for Banana pudding and Ouma's (Stephanie's) recipe for the Baked Macaroni and Cheese.

And don't forget "One More Time" either. We have to sing this and pray before the first person leaves, to thank God for allowing our family to be able to come together one more time (feel the tears swelling up...).

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am especially going to miss my great-grandmother, who passed away just after Thanksgiving last year: R.I.P Willie Mae Shell

(This post began as an entry to get aTarget gift card, but as I began to write it, it became much more.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30 Day Giving Challenge

I'm sharing the wealth and happy to do so! Visit and enter promo code ENTREE to get 80% off! That means you get $25 gift cards for only $2! Get $100 in gift cards for only $10...I'll say yes to that! Thanks to Frugal Girls for the heads up!

Also, starting November 1st, Target gives you .05 cents off your purchase for every no-plastic reusable bag you bring in! I was so excited to hear this. Thanks Target for encouraging your shoppers to use less plastic bags..

CVS will also be giving incentives to their Extra Care Card holders who purchase their reusable bag and use it for each purchase....

Also through the Gap Give and Get program, I have a soupon (yes, that's a coupon I'm sharing!) for 30% off your purchase, PLUS help a charity get 5% of your purchase! ...doesn't get any better (unless it was 50% off and 10%! lol) Good at Old Navy, Banana Republic too! Send me your email and I will forward the coupon email to you!

AND.....check out Kingdom First Mom for more great deals from Toys R US! SHe's the best!!!!

The giving keeps on coming! How are you doing with your giving challenge?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today's Three

I've began the 30 day giving challenge sponsored by Kingdom First Mom and will be most likely commenting on other bloggies participating in the challenge during the month.

Mom 101 (not participating, but visited today, see my first post for today)

Coupon Teacher (scroll down to Nov. 1st post to view challenge post)

Living as Mom (I want to encourage her, while I encourage myself!)

Okay, so I will probably only posting about my visits to 2-3 blogs for this month due to the giving challenge. Since I will be thanking my followers and lending/getting encouragement from others participating, I want to make sure I focus more on that.

Love and Blessings


Give and it shall be given unto You: 30 Day Giving Challenge

Okay, so I'm a few days late, but I've realized that I have been giving, and it's actually been rather thoughtless.

Here are a few ways I plan on giving these next 30 days.

  • If something is asked of me, I will do it, no matter how inconvenient (if I can, I will)
  • When someone asks for advice, I will offer it, honestly and personally (no generic advice)
  • I will compliment at least two people a day on something they've done (not wore)
  • I will call and thank my family for their love (throughout the month)
  • Tell someone thank you everyday for something they've done for me
  • Thank my followers throughout the month ( I hit the over 40 mark, so I'll have to do about 2 per day)
As I think of other ways to show my thanks and as things come back to me, I will be sure to update. Love and Blessings!

Visit Kingdom First Mom for full details and link to others in the challenge.

R.I.P. Poop?

First, check out Mom 101 post, then come back and comment on my response. Heck, comment on her's too! ..............................................................................................................................................................................................
Okay, welcome back! Well, first of all, I get so tired of pre school teachers, okay, teachers period telling our kids what they think is socially acceptable. Don't get me wrong, I support teachers 150% and think that they are HIGHLY unappreciated and under paid, but they are not the parents of our children...even though some of them do spend more time with our children than some of us do (not me of course!). Now, I do think that it's okay for them to tell them what they should and shouldn't say in school, however I do believe that it should be discussed with parents also, so that it can be reinforced at home.

I love the way Liz over at Mom 101 handled it. It was hilarious! "Poop" had a service and even a burial plot!

Now, why can't my son's teacher tell him that the word "crack head" isn't acceptable, (believe me, we DO NOT use that word AT ALL in my house) but apparently some of his friends do in school. What the deuce! He's four! His teacher did however, send him home for threatening to hit his friends, although he never actually hit any of them! What about the kid who said "Crack Head?"

Such injustice, Such a shame! But hey, what do I know, I'm just a parent.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Today's Fab Five

Today I stopped by:

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( I liked her just bc she said, "Can I get a woot, woot!" lol)

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Well these are the ladies who made the cut today! Leave a comment or become a follower and I'll be more than happy to visit your page and return the favor. Although, I probably will visit in passing anyway!