Monday, June 29, 2009

JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: Just 27 Words

JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: Just 27 Words

Just 27 Words





Today started off kinda blah...but has since began looking up, even though my budget still awaits me........arrrrgggghhhh So, today, hopefully, this is what I get done (and I'm feeling ambitious so remember, I've got high hopes)
Laundry (has to get done, going out of town on Thursday!)

Post pics to facebook and blog for my weight loss update (posting later)

Pick my next weight loss area ( notice "pick" not "begin")

oh yea, Budget summary for June and budget for July (weep weep)

Pray for me.
Over and out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weight Loss!

Okay, so I'll admit that I am a self-proclaimed half-hoarder, packrat, stuff lover. I've loved stuff since I was little. I just to walk around with a brown paper bag and collect everyone's stuff. And while I like to say that I live in a state of organized chaos, I think the chaos finally got to me. I was walking around my house, trying to figure out where something was and I realized that I have something in every corner of my two-bedroom, two-story house. EVERY CORNER! So, in an effort to begin clearing my head, I've begun clearing my space. So far I've only done the kitchen, my supplies cart and my computer desk, but already I feel a little lighter. So I'm shedding weight. I'll record my progress here, from room to room. I'm discovering my own little organizing tips and learning how to let go of things. It's kinda liberating!!!! (I should be extremely embarrassed, but I'm not, bc I know some of ya'll houses look like this too!)
I'll start with the kitchen and try to add a new area everyday
(knowing me, couple of days)
Kitchen Cabinet Before


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I just joined in today, but I think this going to be really fun: I think my makeover will be my house. I feel like when I have control over what's in my home, I have more control over what's in my life. I've been on an extreme makeover me for a while, so this will really help!

This week's question was "What's in your fridge" Well my cubbards are looking pretty bare. We have to go grocery shopping on a $70 budget, so pickings will be slim. I'll try to take some pics and upload them, even though I'll be late.

From Amber over at aefilkins,

"I know that as women and especially moms, all too often in the scheme of life & routine, we put ourselves on the back burner. I imagine a lot of nods & "amen sista" to that one. We make sure that everyone else is taken care of, and at the end of the day, we don't have enough time or energy to give ourselves the proper care that we need & deserve.

I hope and pray that you find some sort of encouragement to say,
"You know what? I AM worth it. It's time to take care of ME."

And you know what? God thinks you are worth it. Your family thinks you are worth it. Look in to the eyes of your husband, child, or someone very special to you--and you will see that


Welcome everyone! For you newbies, here's the skinny {ha!} This is a group of mostly women, {but everyone is welcome} who are on a mission to get healthy. To make themselves a priority. To take care of themselves, as well as taking care of everyone else. Are you ready to join in? Well, let's go!


Directions: Every week, you'll do a specific post on your blog in regards to Extreme Makeover--Me Edition.

----Pretty much, just update us on your progress. How did your week go? Did you struggle? How were you successful? Do you have any great tips? {I think it's also important to celebrate even little successes}

----Answer the specific question or topic that I pose each week.

After you've finished your post, view that specific post {either view your blog & click on the title of that post, or go 'edit posts' and 'view'}. Grab the url and post it into Mr. Linky. Simple as that!!"


As always, I'm thankful to God for waking me up in my right mind, with all limbs and senses working properly.

I'm thankful for prayer.
I'm thankful for disagreements (an argument with the guy last night, led me to some insight)

I'm thankful for digital camera's (I took pictures of all the most cluttered places in my house, thinking of two forgotten areas as I type, and realized just how much stuff I actually have cluttered around) I might actually start another blog just for my junk!

I'm thankful for animals (I can never get enough of dogs and cats chasing e/o around trying to get familiar with one another)

I'm thankful for hair pieces (I didn't have to do my hair this morning, I just threw on a ponytail!)

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Our baby (as we still call him, he's actually a 4yo toddler) took this picture of us. He has it in his room. He was so proud of this picture. It was a lazy Saturday morning. He's really good at taking pictures so we got him a Fisher Price Kids digital camera.

My first bike

Okay so since I was a wee little child, I could ride my tricycle, which was Christmas gift, until I was about 6. Then I moved on to training wheels and eventually a two wheeler. All the little kids on the block loved my tricycle (which actually looked exactly like this one). I rode this thing all around the house, over toes and down the steps (not so successful!). What can I say...I lived on the edge....of my trike. Any way, kids today have a lot more choices than I had when it comes to recreational travel toys...take the Strider Running Bikes for example.

Five Minutes for Mom is giving away two Strider Running Bikes to two lucky winners. To win yours, visit Five Minutes for Mom and stop by their store page for Balance Bikes. Don't want to enter? You can buy one for $94.99.

I'm definitely entering, because we are having a heck of a time trying to teach JoJo to ride w/o his training wheels, and he insists on "just learning when he's older, like mommy."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Diva In Me....Not Quite yet...

Now I'll admit I still have a long way to go before I am a full-fledged Green Gal, but I'm working on it. One change I'm not sure I'm ready for is THIS: The Diva Cup: Not a pad, Not a tampon.

See it here at

It does make a lot of sense economically and ecologically because it's cost effective and causes a lot less waste, but once you really start thinking about it, there's a lot of other "factors" to consider.

I think I'm sticking with my Pon Pons for now.


Okay....I really have to get this stuff done today because I get off work early tomorrow and that's the only day I have to run errands that my personal assistant (boyfriend) can't do!

1. Go through and swap out winter wardrobe for summer (Mine and Jojo's)

2. Fold Laundry and put it away (AHHHHHH!)

3. Thaw out meat for some kind of meal for the rest of the week!

4. Vaccumm downstairs (steps too, if I feel ambitious)

5. Put together family reunion plans for July (last minute??)

6. Get to bed by 11 p.m. (Please! Right after Real Housewives of New Jersey comes on.)

Monday, June 15, 2009


1. I hate taking showers before bed. It's a lazy thing
2. Dishes stay in my sink a minimum of 2-3 days, unless the guy puts them in the dishwasher, I hate the kitchen
3. Josiah peed in my bed one night and instead of changing the sheets right away, I moved to the bottom of the bed. what? it was like 4a.m
4. I still do prank calls
5. I don't usually brush my teeth for two minutes
6. I blog at work. Only during lunch of course
7. I make crazy faces at myself to make me smile
8. Since guys are clueless, I sometimes use my period as an excuse when I'm not in the mood. I think he's starting to catch on.
9. I ate someone's cheese out of the fridge at work
10. I sometimes pretend I am in my own movie and act out scenes..talking to more than one character......don't act like you've never done it.

These are my confessions. Tell me yours. And don't forget to visit Kasey at All That Is Good and thank her for hosting this Friend Makin' Monday.

Friday, June 12, 2009

"No KIDS Weekend!!!"

Me and my good friend Michaela, a mom of a one and two yo, are going to Virginia for the weekend. Sans the kids!!!! Thank goodness. We're so excited because we've both had a rough last couple of weeks and can't wait to get some time off. See (read) ya'll next week!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ten Things I'm thankful for right now.

1. God loving my family enough to wake us up this morning with all 5 senses and limbs working properly

2. My son's smile

3. Pennsylvania's Promise for Children for trying to keep a promise to our children to keep early childhood education programs running. To help, please visit

4. Love

5. My job

6. A home

7. Health Insurance

8. My family

9. Dog sitting my sisters dog (its really nice to wake up to happiness for no reason)

10. The Bus (for getting me back and forth to work and helping me lower my carbon footprint!)

Monday, June 8, 2009


1. A LONG TALK ABOUT RESPECT AND OBEDIENCE (okay about a 5 minute talk)

2. Only 1 load to wash!!!! (5 to put away, 3 to fold and 2 closets to go through and sort/swap winter/summer clothes)

3. Empty diswasher

4.Load dishwasher (and turn on...after 6pm of course)

5. If I'm lucky: a trip to the park to read while Josiah plays (until he asks me to join in)
a manicure
wash my hair

6. Try to write 5 pages of my children's book (should be on the lucky list)

7. Vacuum

8. Clean the kitchen.

I plan on doing a before and after series soon (as I get my digital camera back!) on household projects...keep checking back!

I knew this day would come!!!

My son was so bad yesterday! He was defiant, mouthy, kept hitting, kicking and throwing things...and I don't even want to talk about once we left church! I said to myself..." I knew this day would come....the day when I could use a Mom-Free day." He was on my crap list. I actually had to put him punishment for half a day! To be honest, I didn't feel that bad either. Got mom woo's, share them in a comment! I'm sure a lot of us can relate! and don't forget to check out Erica's give a way at "But Mommy...." featuring "I Was A Really Good Mom Before I had Kids," and "I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper," by Best-selling authors Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. Chronicle Books have graciously offered to give a copy of “I Was a Really Good Mom before I Had Kids” away to one lucky reader.

good luck!



1. The sun is still out when I get home from work
2. Actually watching the sun set
3. Ironically beautiful pink skies as the sun sets
4. Letting my son stay up a tad later to play outside
6. Family BBQ's and vacations
7. Cute sun dresses
8. Watching kids play in sprinklers
9. Dewy skin
10. An over-filled/not-filled-at-all AGENDA

Thanks to Kasey over at All That is Good for bringing us all together! Don't forget to visit her blog.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cool Give-a-way

Check out this awesome give a way at Two of a kind, working on a full house is giving a way a

Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner!

To participate in this great give a way visit Two of a kind, working on a full house at and Oreck


Aloha Friday is a day that those lucky folks in Hawaii take it easy and look forward to the weekend so this is just a nice easy way to get a bit more traffic to your blog. I'll ask a question, you all answer it. Then post a question on your blog and link up on Mr. Linky at An Island Life. Simple right?

What do you do to find time for yourself on Fridays?

I like to give myself my weekly manicure and also watch or go to the movies. I try not to plan things on Friday nights bc it helps me wind down from the week and get some extra energy for the weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday's Agenda

Okay, today won't be too busy, but you know how when you are tired, everything seems way busier than it really is? I think it's going to be one of those days...actually it might be pretty tasky.

To Do:

Cook Dinner
Clean up dinner (hahaha)
Fold laundry (hope the ones I forget in the washer don't smell like mildew!!)
Clean room
Dust/Olive Oil Tables


Re-work Budget ( had a financial emergency today!! ARRGGHHH)
Create household timesheet (I'll post an example of it soon....really helpful)

Wish me luck. What's your agenda look like today?

Comment Here

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

21 Ways to Enjoy being a Mom

21 ways to enjoy being a mom

  1. When you're tired, hand your kids a brush, point to your head, and tell them to play beauty parlor. When you're really tired, pretend that you're Sleeping Beauty.
  2. Take your mother to a spa. While you're both getting seaweed wraps, tell her all your favorite memories of growing up.
  3. Take a bath with your infant. Make sure your husband is around for the handoff, so you can relax until the last minute. (Don't forget to smell your baby right afterward. Heaven!)
  4. At the end of every summer, take a family photo for the holiday card (you'll be happy to have this accomplished once December comes). Every year, add a framed 11-by-14-inch print to your front hall. Your kids will be proud now and laugh later at the funny styles.
  5. On St. Patrick's Day, dye the milk and eggs green and turn the furniture upside down so your home looks like total chaos. When your little ones wake up, tell them that the leprechauns came.
  6. The next time you have to go to a boring kiddie activity, invite another mom-friend along. Hide wine in sippy cups for the two of you to nurse undercover.
  7. Play Freaky Friday with your husband and switch roles for a day. Enjoy his renewed appreciation for his Super Mom wife.
  8. . In the dead of winter, fix some snacks, get under warm quilts, and watch Happy Feet on DVD. Tell your kids you love them even more than the penguins love their chicks.
  9. Go to the beach in the off-season. Throw rocks in the water and collect shells. Put them in a vase and use it as shelf decor in your living room.
  10. Skip the Raffi and Barney. Turn your kids on to Bob Marley, They Might Be Giants, and Gwen Stefani.
  11. Take your baby out to the movies at night. (Infants love the dark, and loud trailers make them snooze immediately.) Then you can sip your soda and munch your popcorn in peace.
  12. Buy yourself that fancy watch, strand of pearls, or whatever piece of expensive jewelry you've been lusting after. Justify your purchase by rationalizing that you'll pass it down to your daughter (or son's wife) eventually.
  13. Take your kids to live music performances from very early ages. Cheap ones outdoors are great to start with in case you need to make a hasty exit (like when a diaper explodes).
  14. Use your kids as an excuse to do the things you want to do, like going to silly feel-good movies, eating mac and cheese for dinner, and jumping in the moonbounce. Use your kids as an excuse to get out of things you don't want to do, like going to a wedding or office party.
  15. Every Mother's Day, have a picture taken with your kids. Keep the photos all together - along with special cards, ticket stubs, mementos, and anything else that makes you feel good about being a mom - in a shoe box. (Of course, you must get those new shoes you love in order to do this correctly.) Every year, look through your Goddess Mom box and see how much your kids have grown.
  16. Give your kids quiet time every day. Let them learn to be by themselves with books, crayons, or blocks.
  17. Let your whole family take a day off and hang out in pj's all day long.
  18. Rent Sex and the City on DVD, and reminisce about the days when you were single and the biggest problem you had was whether the "He" of the moment was going to call. Let the romance of your youth seduce you. Then remember that, despite your freedom, all you really wanted was to fall in love and have beautiful babies.
  19. Pitch a tent in the backyard. Use it as your outdoor reading room. Or when there's a full moon, plan a family campout with sleeping bags, a transistor radio, and s'mores, of course.
  20. Invent a house fairy. Give her a name, and tell your kids that she is always watching them and counting up their good deeds.
  21. Listen for the deep, happy sighs that come after your kids play or laugh really hard. Tuck them away in your heart.

How do you enjoy being a mom? Comment here or post this on your blog!


You sometimes forget how much of a blessing friends are until you have to really be there for them and see how strong your love and dedication can carry you. A very good friend of mine had a miscarriage and it seems like it was a loss for all of us. We all spent the night with her to comfort and console her, but to me, there's not enough hugs, hand-holding or words to make it better. This is one we're going to have to leave to God because only he can use hurt to heal. Please pray for us.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Get to Know your fellow bloggers

Here are a few things I do to stay sane...or at least have some sane moments:

Before Josiah (4) goes to bed, he has to gather all of his downstairs toys and put them in his basket, which we keep in a closet for easy get out and put away

We created a reward chart for simple chores like making his bed, matching his shoes and helping to feed his cat. It's helping with counting, sorting and responsibility.

I get Josiah to help sort laundry by blasting some gospel music and making big piles for him to throw in the washer ( simulated, bootleg basket ball!)

I also keep everything he's allowed to have access to on his level..snacks are on the bottom/front shelf of the fridge, and in the lower cabinet in a basket. His coloring books and puzzles are next to his toy basket in the closet. He doesn't have to ask permission for these things as long as he cleans them pretty well (he's in the grown-up phase.)

If you would like to participate in Friend Makin Mondays stop by and visit Kasey at All That is Good to sign up.

JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: Out and About

JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: Out and About

JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: Out and About

JoJo's Mom. My Agenda.: Out and About

Out and About

Friday went to see Disney's UP at the movies

Woke up saturday to Josiah at 7 am (he made his bed and wanted a reward sticker, got one..reluctantly)

Hair done by 11 a.m.

Visit w/ la familia......sucked up to get a sitter for a mall trip

Mall trip to Wet Seal for 80's outfit

80's party......all night!

Missed church Sunday

Lunch at Subway....satisfied craving...mmmm

Dinner at 50th birthday party..mmmmmm

Home by 5:45

Sleeping by 6 p.m.