Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Okay....so,.... yet again, it's been a while for me. I've had lots going on. So I'll share the Highs, Mids, and Lows to get everyone up to speed.


  • Josiah starts school tomorrow...YAY!!! Last year as a preschooler, bittersweet
  • I've been adamantly keeping up with my budget and sticking to it (best I can)
  • I opened a savings account with an automatic withdrawl from my check!
  • I got a raise at work and my position has been extended until December 31, 2009
  • Hopefully I'll be making some extra money at this Saturday's Yardsale for my church...lots to give a way...excited for all my impending free space!
  • Got a BJ's membership!

Mids: So even tho things have been well, I've still been struggling with a few things that I can't seem to work out

I've gained weight and don't have time to (nor do I feel like) working out (I hate working out at home... I think it's dreadful)

I've started trying to figure out what exactly I find difficult about finishing things I start, staying on task, setting goals and working towards them, not just saying I will (for instance, I was so excited about blogging and slowly....trailed off....)

My relationship is in a hot and cold phase

I would like to start taking good care of my mind, body, skin, hair and nails but I don't know where to begin


Wondering if things happen to me bc I say they will and vice versa (I hate thinking)

Thinking about seeing a therapist twice a month

I'm lazy. Yes, I said it. LAZY. Well, that's I'm pretty much in a hot and cold phase right now.... Why doesn't 30 just come already and I know what I'm doing what myself and my life!!!!

Caught between being a young woman and finding myself, being a mom and doing all the things that come a long with that, and finding out where God wants me.. Do I have to choose what to focus on because I feel (a lot of times) like I do!!!!

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    I have a Josiah (Jo Jo) too! :-)