Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here goes...get comfy...

Kindergarten Grad! Logos Academy

Josiah's 5th Birthday Party. Matey's LAND HO! The cake was the bomb, but can't find the pics!

My friend Amber's Bacholerette Party in Philly..I was in front of the Philly Art Museum..quite a jump...
First day of Kindergarten! Image courtesy of Poetic Stills Photography (my lil sis)

I cut all my hair off..it wasn't off Jan 2011..thought it would be curly

My engagement ring..this kiss actually did start with k

So, it's been almost two years since I've actually sat down to write a blog post. My, how much has changed. I guess, the best way to do this would be a simple timeline

January 2010- I join Amway as an independent business owner! and little do I know that I also would start on my journey of self-discovery and self-growth

January 17, 2010 - I re-dedicate my life to Christ...again, but with a genuine and sincere heart and mindset to live for Him

Febuary 8, 2010- My on and off boyfriend slash baby's fava proposes to me...I look like crap, it's 10:30 at night so I can only call a few people..all of whom keep the convo short bc they are sleep, about to go to sleep, but mostly I think because they can't believe we're engaged....it was actually kinda nice..since we had always played around..literally..pretended to propose to one another, so I thought he was playing..until he pulled out a ring, which i had no idea he'd bought...and like my dramatic self... I ruined the original plan bc he had planned dinner and everything at the rest. where he'd given me my first gift, but something happened, i got mad (prob over something small and we wound up not going..hence the 10:30 proposal time

April 2010 - My lil man turned 5 and we have an awesome pirate bday for him...

We go to Philly for my friend Amber's Bachelorette party Diva 2 of 7 to get married (Diva 3 wedding next may)

May 2010..Feel like something happened, but I don't remember quite what it was

June 2010 Finally got a new job (unemployed from Dec. 09 til June 14..worked hard for this one..Persistence is key!) later that month...I Broke off the engagement.... more on that later

August 2010 I'm the Featured artist at Word Wide's ArtOfficial Open Mic night! I do stand up comedy!

First day of Kindergarten for Josiah at Logos Academy Christian School!!!!!

September 2010..My job is pretty bootleg..but I'm thankful for it

December 2010... I turn 26 and....look back over 2010...Brief summary: I joined a business that everyone doubts,except for me and am excited that I've been doing something for almost 1 year! I re-dedicated my life to Christ, I got engaged and then broke it off. I became a school mom, sucked at it the first year (still warming up this year too)Got a new job with some awesome people, but HORRIBLE management, so I spent a year looking for a job in the PR field (gratefully, I have a great job at a strategic marketing firm now!)

I noticed it was getting a lil long..soooo..2011 timeline and recap tomorrow! I WELCOME YOUR WELCOME BACK COMMENTS BELOW!!!


  1. AWESOME! Love your update. Wow. 1 year since you posted? Ok you beat me? Work really gets in the way of blogging sometimes...bwahahaha.
    But I will NEVER give up.
    Not yet anyways....