Saturday, January 31, 2009

Intro to Me 102

I am a mother of a beautiful lil boy (not just saying that...he really does light up any room) I'm GREEN ( not to an extreme, but I'm working on it) I've been in love and still don't know what it really means (or doesnt mean)My family is screwed up, but strong, I reminice and almost always bring myself to tears, remembering usually makes me cry. I don't know if that means I have too many sad memories or that I just can't remember the good ones. I'm obsessed with France and everything that has to do with it ( when I was a preteen, I would save nething that was written in French, instructions and all) I can be somewhat possesive over my friends, Appreciation means A LOT to me, but I don't always show it when I should. I like to do things that make me feel important. Making sure I give back to the community service and volunteer means a lot to me. I procrastinate horribly (probably need therapy) I'm usually always running late, I've SURVIVED ALOT for my age, I yearn to be open and completely undone with someone, but I fear judgement (prob. moreso rejection) so much that I cant, I just graduated college in Dec. of 08 and I have no idea what my life is supposed to be like, but I'm definitely not content yet. I hate feeling like I'm settling, I usually feel like I need immediate satisfaction (hence my shopping habbit/problem, even when I'm dead broke and have to pay bills. Ugggghhhhh

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