Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Give and it shall be given unto You: 30 Day Giving Challenge

Okay, so I'm a few days late, but I've realized that I have been giving, and it's actually been rather thoughtless.

Here are a few ways I plan on giving these next 30 days.

  • If something is asked of me, I will do it, no matter how inconvenient (if I can, I will)
  • When someone asks for advice, I will offer it, honestly and personally (no generic advice)
  • I will compliment at least two people a day on something they've done (not wore)
  • I will call and thank my family for their love (throughout the month)
  • Tell someone thank you everyday for something they've done for me
  • Thank my followers throughout the month ( I hit the over 40 mark, so I'll have to do about 2 per day)
As I think of other ways to show my thanks and as things come back to me, I will be sure to update. Love and Blessings!

Visit Kingdom First Mom for full details and link to others in the challenge.

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