Friday, November 20, 2009

Farewell Oprah

This Just In! Oprah will announce today that her last episode will air on September 9, 2011. This will be a monumental point in history people! Oprah has been around my whole life...literally (I'll be 25 next month) and it's going to be so hard to find someone who can match her wisdom, credibility and amazing ability to touch and reach millions everyday.

I've grown up watching Oprah and have loved her ever since, "You told Harpo to hit me?! All my life I had to I loves Harpo, Lord knows I do, but I kill 'em dead before I let him hit me!" -The Color Purple

I've performed this monologue many a times! Now, let's take a look at Oprah's impact over the years.

-Oprah's Book Club: Guarantees #1 on any book list if you're on her list

-HARPO productions: Be a contributor to Oprah's show and get your own (Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz)

  • It has been the highest-rated talk show for 23 consecutive seasons, her Web site says
  • An estimated 42 million U.S. viewers watch it weekly; show had its origins in 1984 in Chicago
  • Winfrey's wealth was estimated at around $1 billion by Forbes in 2004
For me the impending end of the show means 3 things:

1) I need to get my butt out to a live recording of her show
2)Send in my compelling life story for a future episode
3)Write my book about my compelling life story to get on Oprah's Book List (Thereby killing two birds with one stone!)

Gotta go, I've got work to do!


  1. As a single dad writer, I'm totally grateful for Oprah's book club. That alone really got people reading again. Now if I can just get published before her show ends! lol

  2. Wow, her ticket requests are going to increase big time! Get your name in there soon!