Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30 Day Giving Challenge

I'm sharing the wealth and happy to do so! Visit Restaurant.com and enter promo code ENTREE to get 80% off! That means you get $25 gift cards for only $2! Get $100 in gift cards for only $10...I'll say yes to that! Thanks to Frugal Girls for the heads up!

Also, starting November 1st, Target gives you .05 cents off your purchase for every no-plastic reusable bag you bring in! I was so excited to hear this. Thanks Target for encouraging your shoppers to use less plastic bags..

CVS will also be giving incentives to their Extra Care Card holders who purchase their reusable bag and use it for each purchase....

Also through the Gap Give and Get program, I have a soupon (yes, that's a coupon I'm sharing!) for 30% off your purchase, PLUS help a charity get 5% of your purchase! ...doesn't get any better (unless it was 50% off and 10%! lol) Good at Old Navy, Banana Republic too! Send me your email and I will forward the coupon email to you!

AND.....check out Kingdom First Mom for more great deals from Toys R US! SHe's the best!!!!

The giving keeps on coming! How are you doing with your giving challenge?

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  1. Thanks for the great tips!!!
    Found you via Kingdom First Mom's Tweet. :)