Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tell ALL Thursday

Okay, so I'm trying something new. I want to encourage my followers to post this on their blogs and read the comments....just for the amusement!

So, I've decided that from now on, Thursday will be my "tell all" day, thoughts I've had this week that I've been ashamed to say out loud, things I've done, that aren't necessarily socially appropriate, etc. I'd love to hear what everyone else wants to TELL!

1. Noticed my underwear were on inside out this morning....didn't fix em
2. Made an ugly face at a kid riding the bus to school, while I was riding the bus to work...what? Staring is rude..
3. Mixed 2 week old Taco meat into my Spaghetti on Monday, it was good tho
4. Didn't feel bad for giving JoJo a spanking before bed bc I actually didn't feel like reading him a book anyway, did feel bad afterwards tho,

So, that's my list for today, obviously I didn't tell EVERYTHING or I might be a lil bit of trouble, but those were the "acceptable" things I could post. How bout you?


  1. I made my kids go to bed early because I wanted to go to bed...I was tired! =) Happy Thursday!

  2. I know the feeling completely!

  3. ok that is too much info for!1

    following you from under 100 followers group at MBC...hope you will visit and follow too..

  4. Hi Sharee!
    I found you through the Mom Bloggers Club! I like your post!
    I love your to-do-tuesday, maybe if I blogged about a to do list I would actually get it done!
    Hope you stop by my blog to visit!
    Glad to have found you and plan to be back for more!