Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Do Tuesday

Okay, so I didn't wash my hair last week, but I'll get to it by the weekend...I need it desperately and since $ is tight, it probably will be a Sharee the Stylist week (that's me, for those that don't know).

Anyway, I kinda have a lot to do, but it takes me a while before I actually start to do things and even longer before I get them done, so this is my to do list that I write on Tuesday and get done by the end of the week. I think that's realistic!

Here goes:

DO hair (yes, I have to remind and often Force myself)
Completely clear off dining room table and put red "fall" bowl out
Clean out red "fall" bowl before putting it on the table
Rearrange dining room mind you, this only consisted of chaning the position of the table
go to the gym by Friday
Make invites for HallowRead Party

Clean out Fridge Thanks to the guy...love him!
Email Akai (best friend in Germany)
Follow-up with jobs apps from last week Got an interview for 10/8!
Go to the gym AT LEAST once by Friday(just got a membership for $1 to join, $10/month and @29/year at Planet Fitness)
Set date for Hallow-Read party
Make invites for Hallow-Read Party
Send e-vites for Hallow-Read Party
Set up FB event page
Make and handout printed invites
Begin Christmas list and look up hand-made gifts at Tip Junkie

I'm on a roll!

Okay, so this list is very ambitious, but I think I may be able to do it........

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  1. Hi! I see what you did (at least I think I do)
    When you used the "strike" code (can't type it in the comments) did you add the /strike to the end of the sentence? It looks like you left it open, which then turned the rest of the site to strikethrough (no spaces) Check that and let me know.

    Email me at crazyadventuresinparenting @ gmail . com (no spaces) if you have anymore issues :)

  2. okay, I see. You don't add < / strike > to the end of your lines (eliminate spaces). When you cross something off, at the beginning, you type in < strike > (eliminate spaces) and at the end of the sentence or phrase, you type in < / strike > (eliminate spaces) to end the cross out. For each < strike > there should be a < /strike > to end/close it.