Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To (say I'm gon) Do Tuesday

Okay, so my to-say I'm gon-do list is more about things I want to keep doing on a regular basis as opposed to just this week: I need you all to hold me accountable because otherwise, this will just be a lost post in a sea of archives! Ne way, here goes:

-Finish laundry for the week (spent an hour doing laundry last nite, but felt accomplished!)

-Figure what I have in the house that could double as a costume for Saturday's party (either use Jo's painting smock, paint brushes and an empty plate and be a starving artist, with a will paint for food sign, or use his cape and be bat girl and try to convice the Man to dress up as the joker!)

-Vacuum twice this week

√ Comment on at least 5 blogs a day or week (starting tonight) Crazy Adventures in Parenting, Kingdom First Mom, Flying Giggles and Lollipops, All because I fell in love, Eight Helping Hands

-Grandparent card with JoJo

-Go to the gym at least one day this week......and actually work out!

√ Not feel like a bad parent for letting JoJo watch movies while I'm on the computer

- Post give-a-way (hopefully it's not too late) from guy who emailed me a long time ago (that has to be bad blogger etiquette!)

-Finalize Thanksgiving day plans

-Review Christmas Journal (double check card lists and addresses)

√ Take 2 items off of my personal gift list

Okay, so that's it for this week.... I'll probably do more than just this list, but it'll be a good start..and I have to admit, I usually cheat and have Julio do some of the stuff...Vacuuming will be his task most likely

And now a word from our "To Do Tuesday" sponsor, Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting"

"Today's motivation - take care of yourself. Ensure you're drinking enough water. Eat well, and often (6 small meals instead of 3 big ones helps bolster your metabolism). Get moving every day, whether it's a walk, dancing, working out, be sure to have some activity in there. But take vitamins, and pump in some Vitamin C, Zinc, and echinacea to try to keep yourself well. I'm fighting with the sniffles right now (although I haven't completely ruled out allergies, with all the cleaning out I've done), but I shall prevail because of my arsenal. (Positive thinking helps, too). How about you? What do you use?"

Okay, so get to it...unless you want to come over and help me with my list! Toodles

Ree Ree


  1. Okay, I left a comment and then I did not do the word verification, so I think it did not send.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I am honored that I was one of the blogs you decided to leave a comment at this week. I love the list you have going, seem like a busy girl! Good luck getting everything done. I need to do the same, make a list!

  2. You are a genius, do you know that? I love how you listed what you were doing, and even the blogs you were going to visit! Such a wickedly smart idea!

    I am so sorry I was so busy with my head in my sewing machine this week to have not visited sooner. How did you do this week? Are you as happy about Halloween being over as I am? Well, okay, maybe I'm not exactly happy, just glad to not be a slave to my machine anymore. We're still dressing up, though. Heh :)

    I am ready for a new week, how about you?