Monday, June 8, 2009


1. A LONG TALK ABOUT RESPECT AND OBEDIENCE (okay about a 5 minute talk)

2. Only 1 load to wash!!!! (5 to put away, 3 to fold and 2 closets to go through and sort/swap winter/summer clothes)

3. Empty diswasher

4.Load dishwasher (and turn on...after 6pm of course)

5. If I'm lucky: a trip to the park to read while Josiah plays (until he asks me to join in)
a manicure
wash my hair

6. Try to write 5 pages of my children's book (should be on the lucky list)

7. Vacuum

8. Clean the kitchen.

I plan on doing a before and after series soon (as I get my digital camera back!) on household projects...keep checking back!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am following you and you have a wonderful blog as well.

    Have a great Monday.

  2. Hey thanks for coming over! Your writing a children's book?? 1 load of laundary! Wish I could say that!

    Hey...I'm following now! Nice blog!

  3. Wow, a children's book. My dad used to tell me stories about a gold fish every night before I slept. He should make a book out of them because they were soooo good. Good luck with your list!

    Kylie of Bandelle

  4. Sonds like a productive day!!