Monday, June 22, 2009

Weight Loss!

Okay, so I'll admit that I am a self-proclaimed half-hoarder, packrat, stuff lover. I've loved stuff since I was little. I just to walk around with a brown paper bag and collect everyone's stuff. And while I like to say that I live in a state of organized chaos, I think the chaos finally got to me. I was walking around my house, trying to figure out where something was and I realized that I have something in every corner of my two-bedroom, two-story house. EVERY CORNER! So, in an effort to begin clearing my head, I've begun clearing my space. So far I've only done the kitchen, my supplies cart and my computer desk, but already I feel a little lighter. So I'm shedding weight. I'll record my progress here, from room to room. I'm discovering my own little organizing tips and learning how to let go of things. It's kinda liberating!!!! (I should be extremely embarrassed, but I'm not, bc I know some of ya'll houses look like this too!)
I'll start with the kitchen and try to add a new area everyday
(knowing me, couple of days)
Kitchen Cabinet Before



  1. Those before picks are so my cabinets. The after looks great by the way if you ever in the need of more cabinets to organize my door is always open. :)

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